Low Water Cutoff (Stem) (1000/Junior Only) P-0093

$ 122.00


Low Water Cut-Off & Tank Temperature Sensor (LWCO) 12″ long,  P-0093 :

Used only with the WHS 1000 (JR))

  • UL listed with brass stem,
  • 5-wire lead,
  • 10ft long lead wires
  • 2-Piece plastic fitting,
  • Integrated tank temperature sensor.
  • Stem  12″ long


All WHS 1000 (JR) that use the digital controller (P-0059)

  • The sensor stem (5 wire) can be extended to a total of 35ft.
  • Installer must use stranded wire. (thermostat wire is not acceptable)
  • IMPORTANT: Sensor wires shall not run parallel with or be attached to high voltage lines.
  • Making sure that the correct wire colors are continued for proper termination connections on the circuit board.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 2 × 2 in