Emissions Update for GARN® WHS Products – November 2020

Posted on Dec 6, 2020

At the present time GARN WHS units cannot be sold for residential heating in the US because they have not received a final Step 2 certification from the EPA. They can only be sold for any nonresidential purposes such as commercial, industrial, small business, shop, process heat or farm outbuilding projects, etc. Both GARN WHS models WHS 1500 and WHS 2000 have lower particulate emissions than allowed under the Step 2 emission limits, and were initially approved by the EPA. However, due to an oversight (a single piece of missing data) in the original emissions test procedure, an additional test is required. It is hoped that this test and final Step 2 certification will be completed in the next several months after which sales for residential projects will again be allowed.

See PDF of GARN EPA Phase II NSPS Information Sheet.