2015 in Review, GARN Jr to be EPA Tested

Posted on Feb 10, 2016

2015 in Review:

Well……last year was certainly interesting. The price of oil dropped significantly, the earth experienced one of the warmest years ever and manufacturers of non EPA certified wood heating equipment “dumped” product at extremely low prices before the NSPS took effect in December 2015….yet GARN did OK. I believe more and more people are sharing our vision: that there is a market for extremely clean, efficient and durable wood heating equipment.

Presently, only 7 wood heating models meet the EPA’s NSPS 2020 emission limits; and 4 of those are GARN WHS units. Two other manufacturers each have 1 model, and one manufacturer has 2 models. Furthermore, GARN WHS is the only product with integral thermal storage resulting in lower cost, easier piping and fewer controls than units that require add on thermal storage.

GARN JR Official EPA Testing:

The GARN JR (GARN WHS-1000) has not been officially tested by the EPA.  But it will be in March 2016!  Look for the GARN WHS 1000 to be listed sometime in May/June following independent testing.  What’s more exciting is that during this round of testing, GARN will be the first manufacturer to test with Oak cordwood and also Doug Fir cordwood.  If all goes well, testing with Doug Fir means that GARN will be on the short list of approved residential units in Oregon and Washington!