GARN is EPA Phase II Approved

Posted on Apr 24, 2015

  • First unit tested with cordwood to be approved by the EPA!

  • Meets all NSPS emissions limits for 2020 and beyond!

  • Only hydronic cordwood unit listed to the Canadian standard CSA B415.1-2010!

  • Every WHS-1500 and WHS-2000 installed since 1989 is approved!

Download a Summary of the EPA Laws

See the GARN WHS-1500 and WHS-2000 on the EPA Phase II Qualified List!

Download the GARN Emissions Reports:

The NSPS explained by Martin Lunde, Founder and CEO of GARN Wood Heating:

If you have not heard, earlier this year the US EPA issued their New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) for wood heating equipment..…finally. The new standards take effect as Federal law on May 15, 2015, about 3 weeks from now. I applaud the EPA for taking this step and have a few observations regarding the standards … some good, some not so good and some “just are.”

  1. The EPA started this process about 1984, yes 31 years ago. I found a 1984 memo that I wrote to my staff regarding emissions and the EPA. I just wish they could have moved a little more quickly…..of course this might still be faster than Congress in some matters.
  2. The EPA now recognizes ASTM Standard 2618-13 as a legitimate method for emissions testing…using cordwood as the test fuel. As a result, GARN WHS models 1500 and 2000 are now listed on the EPA’s Qualified Hydronic Heater list.
  3. The EPA continues to allow EPA Method 28 as a test method, utilizing crib wood as a test fuel. I don’t understand allowing the continued use of crib wood because in the NSPS document you will find the following statement regarding cordwood test fuel:
  • “For hydronic heaters and forced-air furnaces tested with cord wood, the EPA is allowing manufacturers to use special permanent labels and EPA temporary labels (hangtags) which recognize that cord wood testing more closely reflects actual operation under in-home-use condition.
  • The good news is that testing with cordwood is now allowed with Method 28. However, the manufacturer has the option of testing with crib wood. The down side is that testing with crib wood usually yields lower emissions and higher efficiency than when a unit is operated with cordwood; hence, the posted crib will continue to cause confusion among consumers.
  1. Particulate emission limits are set at .32 lbs/million BTU delivered until May 2020, at which time they will drop to .15 lbs/million BTU delivered for cordwood. Units that don’t meet the .15 standard have until May 2020 to get retested to meet that standard.
  2. Indoor wood fired forced air furnaces, which have escaped emission limits previously, now have limits: .93 lbs/million BTU delivered until 2020, after which the limit will drop to .15.

And the good news….GARN® models WHS 1500 and WHS 2000 are certified at less than .15 so are good beyond 2020, tested per the rigorous ASTM Standard. In fact, the GARN WHS models are the only units on the EPA Hydronic Qualified list that have been tested with cordwood. Therefore, they are the only units that “more closely reflect actual operation under in-home-use conditions.” Remember this when reviewing the EPA Qualified listing.

If you want an easy (albeit boring) way to fall asleep this evening (or for that matter several evenings) the NSPS can be found at (