Ernie’s GARN:

This video showcases the real-life operation of a GARN with its owner Ernie.  The GARN was installed in 1991 and it heats a 5100 sq ft house and a small outbuilding in Northern Minnesota – one of the coldest parts of the country. The movie speaks for itself about the clean and easy operation of the GARN WHS.

GARN 3200

This video is a basic overview of the GARN 3200, the largest piece of equipment we make.

It Starts with a Fire:

GARN Junior:

John’s GARN:

This video showcases a GARN WHS 2000 unit in central Minnesota near St. Cloud. The GARN team visited John during his first heating season. This video was filmed during one of the coldest days of the 2009-2010 winter; the outdoor temperature was nearly -22 °F. John cut his wood load by half when he switched to a GARN unit from his previous wood burner.

Overview – Front:

This video explains what’s on the front of a GARN unit and the importance of some unique design features.

Overview – Rear Connections:

This video discusses piping connections on the rear of the GARN unit.

Overview – Thermal Storage:

Thermal storage is import, for efficiency and to eliminate smoke.

Floyd and Pam:

Floyd and Pam save money every year using their GARN unit.  Watch as they candidly share how their GARN wood heating system has enriched their lives and enabled them to claim home heating energy independence.

  • Why Floyd chose GARN over all other wood boilers
  • The importance of thermal storage
  • Why GARN wood heating systems last so long
  • Why Pam loves loading their GARN
  • Why GARN is good for the environment




Maintenance Videos:

Removing the Blower Wheel:


Replacing the Blower Wheel:


Cleaning the Heat Exchanger:

Door Gasket Replacement:

Replacing Manway Cover Gasket

Removing Ash


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