Selecting a GARN

Which GARN® WHS Model Best Fits Your Application?
  • Selecting a GARN WHS Model is easy, but some information about your building and heating system is required. By using the tools we have provided, an initial selection can be made.
  • The BTU’s per hour you need for heating is calculated for your coldest average month here. Warmer days and months have a smaller effective heating load so the thermal storage will last longer between burns.
  • GARN units may be installed in tandem for building loads greater than any single unit can handle.
  • Lastly, conservation should be considered absolutely necessary before installing any new heating system. Insulation, caulk, and energy efficient windows will pay back many-fold and require little investment.
  1. Click Here to download an Excel spreadsheet and choose the correct GARN® WHS for your application
  2. Estimate pricing:
  3. Click Here to download an Excel spreadsheet and calculate your annual savings and payback period with GARN® heating equipment
DISCLAIMER: It is important to not undersize or oversize any heating appliance. These tools will only provide a preliminary estimate for sizing your GARN unit. A detailed heat load analysis should be completed before final sizing of any GARN unit. Contact your local rep for further assistance.

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