GARN WHS Manuals

GARN® WHS 1000 (Junior) Owners Manual
GARN® WHS 1500 /2000 Owners Manual
GARN® WHS 3200 Owners Manual

The Owners Manual contains the following information:

  • Unit dimensions, placement, and assembly
  • Installation instructions
  • Operation and maintenance guides
  • Troubleshooting guide
  • Codes, insurance, and safety information
GARN® WHS System Design Manual

The System Design Manual contains the following information:

  • Rules of thumb for an initilal estimate of equipment size
  • Piping and pump sizing guidelines
  • System distribution connection and schematic diagrams
  • System component (coils, baseboard, radiant floor) connection and schematics
  • A fully worked out example of a GARN heating project