Features & Benefits

  • Integrated Combustion
  • Non-Pressurized Thermal Storage
  • Double Weld Construction
  • Secondary Combustion (Gasification) Chamber
  • 5 Pass Heat Exchanger
  • Large Insulated Loading Door
  • Double Lock Safety Handle
  • Hot Water Return (HWR) Dispersion Tube
  • Manway Access
  • Induced Draft Fan
  • Air Cooled Door
  • Combustion Air Supplied from Outside
  • 30 Years of Proven Technology
  • Safe and Certified to be Installed Indoors
  • No Overnight Loading or Fire Required
  • Long Life, Low Maintenance Construction
  • Reduced Wood Use
  • Low Emissions
  • Easy to Load Fuel Chamber
  • Cool to the Touch Loading Door
  • No Smoke in Your Face when Reloading Fuel
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Simple Part Replacement
  • Anodes with Water Treatment Minimize Corrosion
  • Demonstrated Longevity
  • Available Electric Backup

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