Summer Tips

Posted on Jul 27, 2011

Summer (after spring shut down) is a perfect time to inspect your GARN WHS installation and perform routine maintenance. It is also a good time to double-check that your unit is installed correctly. Correct installation and proper maintenance enhance safety and ensure long life for your GARN WHS unit.
Follow our Check List below
  • Is the Flue Discharge Spark Arrestor Screen in place, secure, clean and in good condition?
  • Is your Flue Barrel due for cleaning or replacement? Is the Barrel in proper position?
  • Check to ensure the Flue has been installed correctly.
  • Is the Flue clean?
  • Have all of the Flue Joints remained sealed?
  • Is the area within a 20’ radius of the Horizontal Discharge clear of any combustible materials, including: dry grass, trees, leaves, paper, etc?? Refer to the Owners Manual for installation specifics.
  • Double-check clearance distances all around the unit.
  • Are the Clean-Out Cover Gaskets, Door Gasket and Reaction Chamber in good shape, meaning not cracked, de-laminated, etc. as described in the manual?
  • Are the Clean-Out Cover Plate Nuts tight?
  • Check your GARN WHS Unit for correct water level and proper chemical balance in the water at least yearly. Top off the water, then take a sample and send it in. If additional chemicals are needed, these will be sent to you; add as directed. Water chemistry testing is free to you twice a year. If you have not checked your GARN WHS unit’s water lately, check it now to ensure proper operation of your unit.
  • Use compressed air to blow out accumulated dust in the Induced Draft Motor windings.
  • Pull out and look at the Anode Rod. Is it in good condition, or is it “gone” (eaten away by corrosion)? If gone, you will need to replace the Anode Rod to prevent damage.

Of course, if you notice anything else that concerns you, be sure to investigate. The online GARN WHS manual has answers to most questions you will have.

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